Alonso excited to see Pollard in the Hoops


By Colette Carr

Celtic manager Fran Alonso was thrilled to secure the services of striker London Pollard at Celtic, and jokingly let bygones be bygones after she struck against Celtic earlier in the season.

The 16-year-old joins the Celts from fellow SWPL1 side Forfar Farmington having made her premier league debut at just 15 and catching the eye of Alonso before she scored against her new club last December, in a game in which the manager pinpointed her as a threat.

“She impressed us in the few games we saw her in before we played Forfar for the first time and we actually addressed her as their main threat, and she scored against us, but we have forgiven her,” he joked. 

Pollard has impressed in her short time with Forfar leaving a raft of Scottish clubs interested in her signing, and Alonso hopes the environment that’s been cultivated at Celtic will help her grow, as well as hoping her skillset will benefit the Hoops thro

ughout the run-in and the future. 

He said: “She's really impressive and really young so I think coming into a setup where she can train everyday will really see her game improve and we are delighted she has come here and we’ll work everyday to try and help her reach her potential.

“She’ll definitely be able to help the team - she’ll bring things that will be very useful.

“London is very young, so it’s normal that she wasn’t in a pro team last year because at 15 it’s too early, but 16 is a very good age to work everyday. The quality of the players she is training with will also make her a better player. To beat our centrebacks and fullbacks you need to be good, so she’s in a great environment for her and we’re looking forward to seeing how far she can go.”

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